If you've been even halfway tuned in to chipmusic during the last five-ish years, you undoubtedly know of the indomitable, Sandstorm loving spirit that is Auxcide.

And if you don't somehow, well shame on you! And it's time to fix that crap move!

Don't miss out on this stellar chance to witness this extraordinarily dance worthy space music making sonofagun's appearance on what will be his largest stage to date, our late night Chiprave.

P.S. Bryan, I dare you to work at least a part of Sandstorm into your set somehow. #DOOEET

Auxcide is an electronic artist who utilizes many different types of hardware live to create emotive and melodic music. Mostly known for combining chiptune with modern synths and samples, Auxcide has recently branched out to using modular synthesizers in an attempt to create even more of a headache for organizers and himself.